A Caged Mind

Explaining Concussions Through Body Paintings

When I was first introduced to the ‘A Caged Mind’ project by May Mutter, I was definitely intrigued. The more May told me about her experiences and the truths about concussions, the more I wanted to help. Her idea to create awareness by telling the stories of concussion sufferers through visual representations was something I was very excited to participate in. Her plan was to use her talents as a body painter to showcase the true nature of concussions, each individual telling their own story. 

My specialty is photographing beautifully curated setups with sleeping newborn babies, the embodiment of purity and life. This project was certainly a step outside my comfort zone in order to portray the emotions of suffering and darkness of another human, and I am so glad I did it. To be able use my artistic talents to help someone tell their personal story—that was nothing short of amazing!

A Caged Mind

‘watching life through the keyhole’

A-Caged-Mind-Showcase-Stephanie-de-Montigny-Keyhole A-Caged-Mind-Showcase-Stephanie-de-Montigny-Spyhole

‘thinly veiled existence’

A-Caged-Mind-Showcase-Stephanie-de-Montigny-Seperation A-Caged-Mind-Showcase-Stephanie-de-Montigny-Hands

‘darkness lights the way’


‘building stone walls’

May is publishing a book with a collection of concussion sufferers telling their stories through art, raising awareness of the inner workings, and the toll it takes–finding the beauty within the darkness. I know in my heart, that despite their challenges, they will do great things.


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