365 Days of Happy | June 2017

If you haven’t already heard about my special project for this year, you’re missing out! Every day, for the entire year, no matter what, I will write about something that makes me happy: 365 DAYS OF HAPPY. I invite you to join me in creating the happiest year for yourself! It is never too late to start 🙂 #sdemontigny365daysofhappy2017

365 Days of Happy

For the rules and instructions, check out the original 365 project post where you can find all of January’s images, and a link to each month thereafter. Happy 365!

365 days of happy – june 2017

DAY 152

I got to spend the entire day with my parents doing wedding prep and it was surprisingly relaxing! Got my nails done with my mom and MOH, finished up some more signs with my dad, and got to enjoy a great meal at The Wellington Diner together with my fiancé. Totally worth the extra long rush hour traffic to get home!


Day 153

I got to spend my evening with old friends and far away family for the rehearsal dinner, and I cannot to see everyone again tomorrow at the wedding.


Day 154

IT’S MY WEDDING DAY! Need I say more?! Pre-event breakfast at Cora’s!


Day 155

Started the day with a post-nuptial selfie, of course! Our first day as a married couple. We got to spend the morning with family at our send-off brunch, and then the afternoon at my cousin’s 5th birthday party. It was the perfect end to a fun & family filled weekend. And the look on her face when she opened her paw patrol toy and Elsa stickers: pure joy!


Day 156

365 days of happy project - day 156 - stephanie de montigny - wedding honeymoon old vintage keysOur mini honeymoon begins! Returned all our rentals and now we can relax for a few days.


Day 157

Our first homemade meal together as a married couple. It felt like any other day of the week, as though we had done it a thousand times, and tasted delicious. It was perfect!


Day 158

[it’s a secret]

Day 159

Today I am thankful that she let me get her to the pump! This is what traffic in Ottawa will do to your “no worries, we’ve got 50K left, so let’s go to the station near home so we can get airmiles” plans. Nope!! It wasn’t even 5K away when I was crossing all my limbs to let me get a few hundred feet further to the one around the corner. I made it. Legit empty.


Day 160

[it’s a secret]

Day 161

A great night with friends and games and wine. Doesn’t get any better!


Day 162

What an amazing feeling it is to look down and see this beauty on my finger. There is literally an object that personifies my love, and I couldn’t be happier!


Day 163

It’s a beautiful sunny day! With my floral shoes perfectly matching my pants, it doesn’t get any better 😉


Day 164

Our first married life selfie! Pretty much looks like any other, so that’s a win in my books. More love than ever, even more weird, and an infinite amount of happy!


Day 165

Spending the afternoon hand in hand checking out cool houses with amazing gardens–priceless. Now to figure out how to afford such a delightful joy of a property is a whole different story.


Day 166

So happy that summer has finally arrived so I can start wearing all my pretty dresses. And have the excuse to buy more! Check out this fabulous vintage find.


Day 167

Homemade dinner with my husband (still feels so weird to call him that!) is always the highlight of my day. Especially when he surprises you with an amazing surf and turf!


Day 168

There’s nothing like a great game night to get the competitive adrenaline pumping and brain working. Bring it on!


Day 169

Full day of running errands today–including kiss-proof testing at Sephora! We had a list of things to do when we got home, but alas it turned into nap time. Can you blame him??


Day 170

But first, coffee. There’s just something so wonderful about groggily dragging yourself to the counter, being handed your perfectly-made coffee, and just having to tap your payment card. Thank you Starbucks man for knowing my special order, and having it ready for me whenever you see me in line. Customer service win! Monday morning motivation!


Day 171

One year ago, I was walked to this very spot and proposed to when I made him stop to pick the wild peonies from the woods. This year we went back, a few days “late” mind you, to pick them again. Figured we could make a cute tradition about it. Unfortunately they had already been scooped up–very recently by the looks of the freshly cut stems. 😔 Oh well. It’s the thought that counts, right..? 💕🌸


Day 172

When a game of basketball with the guys turns into you almost face planting into the pavement; afternoon well spent. Cut hand, scraped knees, bruised ego… Nothing a bandaid can’t fix!


Day 173

There’s just something so serenely joyful about a morning routine where you get to walk to work hand in hand with the one you love. Rain or shine–the love is there! 😍🤝


Day 174

[it’s a secret]

Day 175

When your husband makes you diner <3


Day 176

Game of tennis with the husband. BBQ and game night with friends. Nothing other than a great day!


Day 177

Twenty years ago today, one of my favourite childhood books was published. After many rejections and hurdles later, she finally got her moment. Which makes me love them even more! I first started reading these with the help of my mother as bedtime stories, but as the years went by she was the one begging to borrow the books I had quickly finished. These stories helped me through many lonely nights, bonding with my mother, kept distant friend together, and helped me learn to read big-girl books. Happiness comes in many forms, and have have J. K. Rowling to thank for some of mine 💕📚


Day 178

I got to spend the evening with my best friend before she skips town for over a month. I was too busy having fun to take a photo. If you haven’t already seen Zodiac, and you’re a fan of thrillers–you should watch it!


Day 179

I managed to come up with a concoction of goodies that very closely resembles barbecue sauce for my pulled pork that is keto-friendly, which means without the use of sugar, and I am so stoked. It was delicious!


Day 180

365 days of happy project - day 180 - stephanie de montigny - couple goals holding hands cuddlesThere’s not much better than coming home from a long day to snuggle on the couch and relax a little before starting your evening routine. Holding hands is like a hug for your limbs.


Day 181

365 days of happy project - day 181 - stephanie de montigny - ottawa vintage clothing floral dress skirt chiffon antique findsI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: dainty florals make my heart swoon. Legit, it skips a beat as it floods my being with joy. Almost as much as when my husband walks in the room. Today I received this lovely piece of art in the mail and I can’t wait to wear it! 👗🌸


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