Running a Business
Raising a Family
Building An Empire
At the Same Time.

Hi, I'm Stephanie de Montigny,
wife, mama, entrepreneur.

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You are not alone, mama. It can be very overwhelming to try and do all the things, especially simultaneously!

Find solace in reading all about the daily wins and struggles of being a work-from-home boss trying to raise businesses and babies at the same time. Find joy and laughter amidst the family adventures and AIT (Attempt It Yourself) activities. Find strength in knowing that beneath all the smiles, we are all trying hard to keep ourselves afloat.

If you love learning efficient tricks for home AND business, laughing at others’ failures, and seeing adorable kiddos, this is the blog for you.

Branded apparel is amazing for your business for company recognition, but I have leveled up the wearable marketing to garments and designs that allow you to easily transition from entrepreneurship to parenthood (and back!). Take a look at some of the original minimalist designs available and industry-specific puns, or order something custom for yourself with your logo or website or all of the above. Make it work for you. Bonus: Free local pickup in Ottawa, Ontario.

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1-on-1 Coffee Date

Setting up a 1-on-1 meeting allows us to get to know each other better, and to brainstorm how we can both help each other’s business grow.

Weekly & Monthly

Group Networking

Join us at a different local business every month for a casual chat. Expand your network, brainstorm ideas with new connections, create meaningful partnerships & collaborations, etc.


Lunch & Learn Workshops

Every month there is an in-person workshop with a specific topic of theme to get your networking in with fellow entrepreneurs and learn something new that you can implement right away.

Annually & Monthly

Goal Setting & Planning

The BIG planning meetings take place every year where we plan out each quarter, and then we follow up every month for accountability, results-based strategic planning, and group feedback. 

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Stephanie de Montigny is an Ontario Certified Teacher who found her passion was in educating small business owners who were eager to learn. She is about to celebrate THIRTEEN YEARS in business, running both a Boutique Photography Studio and the Boss Mama brand, and lives happily in the little town of Almonte (just outside of Ottawa & Valley) with her husband and two children.

Every year is a new adventure! This year she is focusing on in-person events for the education side of the business, and meeting new people after her recent move and longer-than-anticipated hiatus of group gatherings [aka 2020]. The next project is creating even more online learning opportunities such as pre-recorded workshops and live webinars. Sign up below to be added to the waitlist.