A Photo Is Worth A Thousand Words, But Are You Seeing The Right Ones?

A photograph is worth a thousand words of physical descriptions and doesn’t always tell the full story of what is happening when that photo was captured or what lead up to it. Like all the cute baby pictures you see online… What is happening behind the scenes of that photo is often very different from the resulting image.

Let’s take this set as an example. YOU see an adorable little boy snuggling up to his mama. ME? I see the accomplishment of a finally calm baby after a wasted feed that ended up all over the two of us and the bedsheets, after a giant poop that needed to be cleaned up, after a week of barely surviving on a couple of hours of sleep and only changing because I’ve been soaked in baby whatever. I can’t even tell you the last time I washed my hair, which is now one giant perma-bun…

I am thankful, but I am exhausted. I am strong, but I am broken. I am resilient, but I am defeated. It’s okay and NORMAL to be all those things and more.

It’s totally okay to feel like a rockstar when you get it all done. It’s NOT OKAY for those around you to make you feel like you are expected to do that all the time, especially when they use it as a low-key excuse not to offer any help. It truly does take a village, and I am seriously missing mine in this pandemic…

So the next time you see someone struggling, know that it has more than likely taken quite a lot of invisible struggling to get to that point, so consider asking the one question that will never go unappreciated: HOW CAN I HELP? (and then actually following through!)


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