Christmas 2021 – Skipping The Holiday Traditions

Okay, so perhaps “skipping” is too harsh of a word because we didn’t skip Christmas entirely, it was just not a priority this year to keep with all the traditions since we had just welcomed our baby earthside and were running on no sleep and not accepting any visitors.

My level of commitment this year was that the tree was UP—there were no ornaments, not even a topper or a base—but to be fair, I did upgrade the tree this year for one with built-in lights so it looks like more effort was put in than I actually did. WIN! And our family gift this year instead of ornaments were matching holiday pyjamas—it felt festive AND much more versatile and useful since I picked a winter pattern. Another win! Might stick with this one annually…

Despite our decision to not purchase any gifts this year (her birthday is next month and WILL be celebrated!), you can see that family did not disappoint and made sure that little miss had plenty of things to unwrap (thank you!) and was more than thrilled to help her little brother too.

@bossmamadiaries Baby’s First Christmas #babysfirstchristmas #christmas2021 #vlogmas #matchingpjs #ontariomom #canadianmom #merrychristmas #ottawamom ♬ Run, Rudolph Run – Chuck Berry

Oh, and did I mention that everybody got to sleep in until after 8AM!? Now that is the best gift new tired AF parents can get! Lounging on the couch with HOT caffeine as kiddo enjoyed the tree fun was extra nice. Can we keep that as a holiday tradition too…?

But we did still capture our family portrait (did it even happen if you don’t!?), and next year I hope to resume all things tradition for our family of four’s first official holiday season.

How did you celebrate Christmas pandemic-style this year? I’d love to live vicariously through your fun experiences too!

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