We Moved! & How We Dealt With Homesickness

For the first week at our new house, little miss asked us every day to “go home” and it broke my heart. Most of the time it was when we said there was no internet and therefore couldn’t watch her episodes, so I was hopeful it was a rebellion thing, but not always…

After about a week of settling into the new house, we then took our annual trip to visit my grandparents in Northern Ontario. In case you missed it, this meant that for 3 weeks, we lived somewhere different every week. This must have been so confusing for her! So anytime we referenced “going home” or “going back”, we made sure to tell her we were going to our NEW home. Thankfully that did the trick because when we returned she fell right back into the usual routine of things, and seems to be used to the new space. It probably also helped that we took a drive to our old home to ‘say goodbye’ to it (something that got overlooked on moving day, because duh!) and waved as we drove away.

Now, a month later, she tells us that she likes it here (and loves her new playroom!) and when we come back from our walks she excitedly screams “that’s our home!” as she runs down the driveway and I couldn’t be happier. And clearly neither could she! Just look at that adorable face!