The meal delivery service for babies

I knew from the beginning that I only wanted to give my kiddo homemade food. Well, as much as possible because who are we kidding!? When we were thrown the added challenge of dealing with her additional allergies (household total of nuts, soy, legumes, dairy, and non-baked eggs), it really meant that we NEEDED to only give her homemade items to make sure she was safe. Yes, it is work to make her food, BUT because we have been making #BabyFoodsAdultsActuallyWantToEat since the get-go, it is so easy to serve her some of the same meals we are eating. Added bonus, it meant we had an extra reason to eat healthy.

But once I had been given the go-ahead to resume my own dairy consumption (breasfeeding so I had been advised to cut it out for a period of time), I was craving all the things like cheese and cream and yummyness. Which meant we needed to make a whole other dish for little miss, which is fine, but totally became an extra effort. So when I was approached by Fragola, a small-but-growing Canadian company, to try out their meal delivery service designed specifically for babies, it could not have come at the more perfect time! Especially since I was reassured that the recipes were plant-based but WITHOUT NUTS! (legume allergies are mine, so perfectly safe for her). They gifted me a box of different options to try out, and I even got to pick the flavours and the consistency of the foods (pureed or chopped or chunky). Bonus: they created the discount code BOSSMAMA to give you 10% off!

We were a little concerned (for the mess) giving her the pot and a spoon to self-feed but SHE LOVED IT! She spent the entire 15 minutes smiling and determined to get every last piece of that chopped spinach rice dish! We spoon-fed her the pureed ones, but she very much enjoyed feeding herself the chunky ones. They were also super handy for taking with us to restaurants pre-pandemic and not needing to rush-order a dish for her while we waited for our own, so this made for a happy baby AND happy parents. Lately they have proved extra useful when wanting to take her out for an extended walk on the trails and a picnic lunch. The cups arrive sealed and are freezer safe for a few months, which is a bonus to be having ‘fresh-from-frozen’ meals for her. I especially love that the containers are resuable so that we can put our own leftovers for her in them for meals later in the week, or freeze portions for later on those “do not want to cook today” days.

Final thoughts: Based on how much food my kiddo consumes, I would not be taking advantage of the meal service every single week because she ends up eating at least two per meal and then whatever else I give her, but if I know I have a bunch of lunch-dates planned or if hubby is working extra late, having these pre-prepared meals ready for her is so so handy! Plus, since they can totally be frozen, I can save a few for the in-between weeks as a backup. Especially during the pandemic, they have proven very helpful in keeping my sanity and her tummy getting healthy nutritional meals!


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