When Experiences Matter Most | Halloween 2020

Halloween might look a little different around here this year because of the city-wide ban on trick or treating, but that doesn’t mean everything is cancelled! Heck, most of 2020 has looked a little different because of the pandemic! But just because a wrench has been thrown into our plans, doesn’t mean we can’t pivot and make the best of it. So, while we have always been a family who prefers experiences over ‘things’, this year has made us focus that much more on family experiences, and I have to say it has been the guiding light through the dark tunnel I will forever know as 2020.

This year for Halloween, we focused on family activities together instead of worrying about costumes or buying decorations, and I am so glad I took the opportunity to capture a few photos of the fun. Yes, I am so grateful to have remembered to get the camera, even though I clearly forgot to look in the mirror first. I don’t even care; I love these images! ALL of them!!

We were been busy and getting our hands dirty carving pumpkins, baking some yummy pumpkin treats, playing the cleaning game (this girl LOVES her ‘bubbi’ aka bubbles!), and we opted to go for a walk the night before to see the lovely decorations in the neighbourhood without the crowd.

What about you? Do you buy costumes and candy for the kids or do you focus on the experiences as a family?


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