Baby Foods Adults Actually Want To Eat

Introducing new foods to baby can be a daunting task, or a fun challenge depending on how you choose to look at it. We really didn’t want to do the boring purée thing, especially since we wanted to give her homemade food, so the challenge we decided to embark on is to create baby foods adults actually want to eat.


This means that we needed to sit down and make a list of all of our favourite foods, and figure out how and when we could introduce them to our daughter, and if any variations needed to be made to accommodate their immature digestive system (for example, honey before the age of one can be lethal!).

After some serious drool-worthy conversations, a long list was made, and we could begin the adaptations. With the hybrid method including some purées and baby-led-weaning techniques, it was actually quite simple to plan. The real challenge is sticking with it.

Our first attempt at a “baby eats the food off of our plates” meal was butternut squash soup. It was a family favourite, and very easy to adapt by simply adding the cream & toppings after we had portioned off the baby’s servings.

The next attempt was blackened cajun salmon with buttered broccoli. We had made it dozens of times before, and it was two nutrient-heavy foods that our dietitian had recommended.

We simply didn’t add as much spice to her piece of fish, and it went great! She loved chewing off the broccoli tops and then was shocked at the new texture–every single time.

The salmon needed to be flaked into very small pieces, and we found it much better mixed with some sort of sauce for her to eat with less gagging (we just used one our stashed frozen purée cubes–more on this later!).

Now comes the fun part, where we get to experiment with a bunch of recipes we know, some that were recommended by our baby dietitian, and others that we found on the web based on our strict parameters. And yes, I will be publishing them as we go.


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