Why We Chose NOT To Publish Our Daughter’s Name On The Internet

You probably read the recent blog post about how I got my husband to let me post all the things on the internet, so it may come as a surprise that we decided NOT to share our daughter’s name on the internet at all. There is a rather simple explanation for our choice, but seeing as it seems to conflict against our share-everything policy, I wanted to share that reason with you.

Why No Name On The Internet?

One of our main concerns was identity theft. As adults, we have the choice to post our information on the internet and realize that when everything is posted together it does raise the risk that your identity can be used in other ways than you would like. A child does not have the capacity to be able to comprehend this risk and decide the best route, so we have left that decision up to her for when she is old enough.

The other big concern that we had discussed was the big K — kidnapping. While that risk is super small, posting everything from her picture, to her name, to her date of birth, to where we are, to where we like to hang out, etc. makes that small risk that much bigger, so we decided ultimately to not post almost all of that on the internet for her protection and to allow her to decide later on.

That is why you will see us calling her little miss, baby girl, Baby de Montigny, or whatever comes to mind at the time. Those who meet her in-real-life are well aware of her beautiful name and gracefully respect our wishes not to share it.

But, You Post Pictures?

Once we did finally decide on a name for her (took us over two weeks after she was born!), we decided that in order to protect her privacy we were only going to be posting pictures of her OR her name on the Internet. Since my job is a professional family photographer, I am sure you can understand why we chose to go with pictures! When she is old enough to decide on her own, she can pick whether she adds her name and/or birthday to the world wide web or keeps it private. Or to my extreme sadness, may choose to no longer post images of herself (or at least not without permission).

Little Miss enjoying her stroller adventure.

Until then, you get to enjoy all the adorableness that is my name-less daughter. And if you really must know, feel free to schedule a playdate with us and find out!


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