When Experiences Matter Most | Valentine’s Day 2021

Yet another of many modified holidays to come, Valentine’s Day was spent in the comfort of our own home—almost forgotten. But not to worry, we got to devour our yummy blueberry biscuits and capture some beautiful mommy & me portraits.

And before you start to think that you cannot get adorable photos of your little one too because you don’t look good enough or kiddos are too crazy, STOP!! I might be a photographer, but I am also the mother who hasn’t showered in I don’t know how long, who has a toddler with the attention span of a fish (and the escaping skills!) so we utilize the timer that captures multiple frames. This method is called “spray and pray” and while it is a terrible thing to do during a client shoot when I am a professional artist, it is absolutely the way to do it when attempting photos yourself (especially with a toddler!). Don’t believe me? Check out this hilarious but oh so loving shoot I did with my daughter. Big personality, big joys! And no candy required!

What about you? Do you go nuts with the candies and valentines with the kiddos, or do you focus on the experiences as a family? Especially here in Ontario, when Family Day is right around the corner?


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