The Thrill Of The Thrift

If you’ve known me for long enough, you knoooow that I don’t hide the fact that I buy almost everything used (I do draw the line at underwear), and I happily share my finds with the world. Back in the day, thrifting was out of necessity because as a broke-ass student I refused to choose between a new outfit or groceries. This way I got to sport a new-to-me item AND afford the real cheese for my (homemade) mac&cheese dinner.

Now it is threefold between helping the environment and my wallet, but mostly IT IS SUPER FUN! The thrill of finding that perfect piece of furniture, getting a great deal on a board game, or discovering a new sense of style is nothing short of amazing! In fact, the majority of our wedding decor was thrifted or DIY 🙌🏻 ⁠

Lately it has been so depressing to walk into a closet where almost nothing fits. No exaggeration. My body before becoming pregnant did not really have hips, and my chest was not nearly as un-proportionate as it is now that I am breastfeeding. So like I said, almost nothing fits anymore. All the things I love and cannot bring myself to get rid of just sit there and stare at me with guilting vibes. BUT with the option of thrifting new even more favourite items, at a fraction of what it would cost to replenish my closet with next-size-up garments, it makes it so much easier to get rid of my pre-pregnancy stuff that no longer fits (hello new hips!), and focus on buying things that make me happy and fit properly (no matter the size!). And it gives me the opportunity to give new life to my oh-so-loved garments that I never wear…

my $40 score during Value Village’s 50% off sale this summer!

I do however often get asked how I find such great deals, and how much I spend on thrifting since I sometimes show off HUGE hauls #ThriftedInOttawa. Not going to lie, sometimes I spend more than I’d like, BUT those large purchases are often on things I actually need or if I haven’t been out in a while, or the amount of items I got for that dollar amount is insane. The trick is to set a budget, and stick to it!

Thrifting & Budgeting

To give you an idea, here is a what a thrift collection can look like when your budget is $100:

what you get for $100 thrifting haul thrift store finds shopping on a budget infographic

This particular haul was for $95 and included a dozen items for less than the price of one or two new things. Easiest way not to go overboard? The items I picked out had to be versatile, or be a gem of a find. I got a few articles of clothing for me, some for the kiddo, and a bit of USEFUL decor for the kitchen. The clothing (for mama) all has the option of being dressed up or down, depending on where I want to wear them, and can be worn more than once within the same season. Even that gorgeous cranberry red infinity gown; same dress, ALL the parties, just tie the straps differently (just no weddings cause it’s red and that is a big NO NO!).

But enough about me… What was YOUR most favourite thrifted item ever?


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