Little Man’s First Halloween 2022
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This year was a year full of firsts: little man’s first Halloween, his first walk outside, and little miss’ first time actually collecting goodies (and she actually got to eat a few!). PSA: Handing out apple sauce, juice boxes, mini notebooks, etc. is totally awesome for young children and/or allergies.

It was also filled with traditions: our letterboard made an appearance with an update (nut allergy), my parents came to visit and took turns going out with the kids and staying home to hand out the goodies so we could go out.

Of course the baby fell asleep after about five houses, but little miss kept on going for well over two hours excitedly greeting everyone and adorably asking all sorts of questions and for more of her favourites. Oh, what things you can get away with when you’re cute! Little important lessons to be learned along the way.

And for those of you who have been following along since the beginning, look at the comparison with little miss for her first Halloween wearing the little monster costume. Oh, my heart!

What did YOU do this year?


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