Beginner’s Guide To Setting Up A Cheese Platter

If you’ve ever been in my company at a cocktail party or luncheon, you know very well that I will be hanging out near the veggies and cheese platters. I mean, it’s cheese! This has not changed since I converted to the ketogenic lifestyle, I just can’t put in on crackers or top with jam anymore. Even the most experienced cheese-eaters like myself who have a knack for visual creativity have trouble designing the perfect cheese platter. So I have sourced this amazing Guide To Setting Up A Cheese Platter infographic for you that explains all you need to do — Enjoy! 

A Beginner’s Guide To Setting Up A Cheese Platter

Before we get right into it, I wanted to share a few dos and don’ts that get me through the party platter picking, and only indulging in keto-friendly dips and treats.


  • sour cream dips like spinach or tex-mex (high fat, no sugar)
  • greek yogourt dips like tzatziki (high fat, plain)
  • homemade dips like baba ganoush
  • avocado mayo
  • charcuterie
  • deviled eggs
  • pickles (sugar-free options)
  • cucumber, celery, and broccoli are great for dipping
  • cheese crisps or seed “crackers”
  • cheeses highest in fat, in descending order: Mascarpone, Stilton, Cheddar, Parmesan, and Brie (especially the triple cream!)

AVOID (to stay keto-friendly)

  • jam
  • fruit (a few berries are the exception)
  • hummus
  • processed dips
  • bread
  • crackers
  • chips

Have a favourite keto party snack? Let me know in the comments!

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Beginner's Guide To Setting Up A Cheese Platter - A Keto-Friendly Party Feast

Special thanks to PartSelect for sharing this amazing infographic with me so that I can pass it onto you <– click that link for the full scoop err..slice! on their blog post.