Baby Shower & Gender Reveal Party

Looking back, this post is actually a pregnancy reveal too for many of you, since the majority of our parenting adventures have been posted on my belly and baby blog …oops. Surprise! We’re expecting a little one in the new year and we’ve been busy getting everything ready.

We hosted our baby shower this month to celebrate with close friends and family, and I must say that it was such a fun event regardless of why we all got together. Anyone who knows me personally knows just how much I love family–it helps that I have an awesome one!–so this was no different.

Good food, good company, and an extra bonus that this one also came with gifts 😉

But since I couldn’t invite the whole world, I put together a collection of photos from our baby shower & gender reveal party for you to enjoy. The final reveal was a very special performance by my amazing husband. If nothing else, go watch the hilarious video.


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