Art House Cafe Ottawa – Art Gallery or Coffee Shop

I love supporting local businesses, especially when they support local artists and help the community grow. Not only does it help our spirits, but it improves the local economy. In a huge city like Ottawa, if each of us spent an extra dollar at a small business instead of a corporation each month, that’s almost a million dollars into the local economy every single month. Talk about an amazing investment! Need a suggestion on where to spend that dollar? Try The Art House Cafe, in the heart of Chinatown, which is a two-in-one establishment: an art gallery & coffee shop — best of both worlds!

The Art House Cafe Ottawa – Art Gallery or Coffee Shop?

I was able to attend the grand opening of The Art House Cafe on February 10th, and it was certainly impressive. By now they have worked out all the kinks, decorated the remaining walls, and finished their special workshop & retail room. It looks amazing!

You should definitely stop by for a visit, and keep that extra dollar in the local community. Shop local. Shop small. Shop awesome!



They have two workshop rooms, a retail shop room, their coffee shop and seating area, and two adorable bathrooms to choose from. With most of the original fixtures and hardwood, this relic is a piece of Ottawa’s history, so it’s no wonder they chose such an amazing venue to home their art gallery. With all it has to offer, visually and physically, The Art House Cafe is absolutely worth the stop-in.



The scone was so yummy, he couldn’t even wait for me to take a picture before chowing down. Oh well, chipmunk-smile it is!


Found this beautiful gem on their art tables — yup, they had craft paper set up on all of their tables so that patrons could draw at will and create masterpieces while we sipped on their hot beverage. My creativity was contained to my cup, but I think I did a pretty good job! Though I am sure my calligrapher friend Mabz would have done a much better one, ha ha.



Where to find The Art House Cafe?


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