365 Days of Happy | August 2017

If you haven’t already heard about my special project for this year, you’re missing out! Every day, for the entire year, no matter what, I will write about something that makes me happy: 365 DAYS OF HAPPY. I invite you to join me in creating the happiest year for yourself! It is never too late to start 🙂 #sdemontigny365daysofhappy2017

365 Days of Happy

For the rules and instructions, check out the original 365 project post where you can find all of January’s images, and a link to each month thereafter. Happy 365!

365 days of happy – august 2017

DAY 213 – August 1st

A day that begins with the perfect coffee and ends with the perfect snuggle is a perfect day in my books.


DAY 214 – August 2nd

Work is work, but adding a little piece of home makes it that much better. The newest addition–our wedding photo. Pure joy 🖼❤️


DAY 215 – August 3rd

Cooking up a storm with my husband, complete with funny noises and crazy expressions and hideous dance-moves. There is a reason there is no physical record of this hilarious but hella-embarrassing ordeal. This is us–we are weird, and proud of it!


DAY 216 – August 4th

Am I allowed to say snuggles again? I mean, my husband came home with dinner supplies and made some of the best stuffed chicken ever, so there are other happy things for today, but I feel like saying the food is my happy moment is even worse than a duplicate case of the snuggles… But in all seriousness, is there even such a thing as too many snuggles?


DAY 217 – August 5th

After trying to sleep off a killer migraine for most of the day. waking up to a wonderful comfort-food homemade diner is the best any girl could ask for.


DAY 218 – August 6th

Spent my morning sleeping in with the husband, followed by a hike in the woods along the creek, then a game of tennis with the mother in law, and finished with a fun evening with husband’s brother and enjoyed pork from the smoker. What a great fun-filled day! 😴🏡🌳🏸🍖


DAY 219 – August 7th

Spent the entire day decluttering and renovating our home office so that it no longer resembled a storage unit with a desk and rather an actual office with his and hers desks. Took some serious effort but we got through it, just in time for dinner.


DAY 220 – August 8th

Spent my afternoon thrifting fun things across the city. My favourite find was from @amhstyle on Wellington West and it was made so much better with this amazing take-home bag. How adorable is this mini hella-reusable baggie 💕. It even matches my garment!


DAY 221 – August 9th

Look what beauties arrived in the mail today!! I can’t wait to send these out to all my friends and family and share the full photo gallery! 🤵🏼👰🏼🍾💕


DAY 222 – August 10th

Snacks + Wine + Greys = Great Night of Relaxation


DAY 223 – August 11th

365 days of happy project - day 223 - stephanie de montigny - thrifting vintage ottawa second hand blue dress lace collarDate night doesn’t have to be fancy restaurants and extravagant outings. Something as simple as partaking in a thrifting adventure is just as amazing as long as it’s with someone special. Especially if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on an amazing find like this one! Thank you Royal Palm Vintage!


DAY 224 – August 12th

Well aren’t we lucky–another date night this week. Mini putt with friends makes for an enjoyable night. Glow sticks and black lights make it even better!


DAY 225 – August 13th

I lost my phone today so I wasn’t able to take any photos, but I got to spend the afternoon with my cousin and siblings-in-law pool side. The weather was beautiful and it was actually a great opportunity for me to actually be offline on my one day off during the week.


DAY 226 – August 14th

[can’t share the secret yet]

DAY 227 – August 15th

Got to spend my evening chillin’ with Lana Dingwall and a handful of other wonderful female entrepreneurs for a marketing workshop.


DAY 228 – August 16th

That feeling when the IKEA inspiration catalog arrives in your mailbox.. Whoop whoop!


DAY 229 – August 17th

[follow up to the secret I can’t share yet]

DAY 230 – August 18th

[another follow up to the secret I can’t share yet–but I do have a photo coming for this one!]

DAY 231 – August 19th

Spent the evening out on the town with my husband, to celebrate the engagement of a friend. There was pie-in-face action, and yummy keto-friendly food so it was a great night!


DAY 232 – August 20th

Spent the better part of the day clearing out the office and purging old files and such. It was a little painful to throw things out, it felt good to be able to let it all go.


DAY 233 – August 21st

365 days of happy project - day 233 - stephanie de montigny - ottawa vintage clothing blush trench coat jacket pink AMH consignment shopSpent my afternoon thrifting fun things at AMH style on Wellington West, and I scored this amazing blush TopShop jacket. Now I find myself hoping for a cooler day so I can wear it. But I can wait…


DAY 234 – August 22nd

Today marks day two of four for the Creative Brand Summit hosted by @copperkettleco and I am very excited to get started on the process of my business rebrand, and start scratching things off my to do list. It’s been great so far and hella informative!


DAY 235 – August 23rd

Happiness comes in many forms. Food is very high on my list. In a good way, of course!


DAY 236 – August 24th

[coming soon]

DAY 237 – August 25th

It may be a small feat, but that moment a celebrity in your industry

DAY 238 – August 26th

While in good company, we rang in the night with some board games and a big glass of wine. Cheers!


DAY 239 – August 27th

[coming soon]

DAY 240 – August 28th

[coming soon]

DAY 241 – August 29th

[coming soon]

DAY 242 – August 30th

[coming soon]

DAY 243 – August 31st

365 days of happy project - day 243 - stephanie de montigny - allergy testing cat scratches pen marksSurprise surprise, I am allergic to animals and dust and mold. I could have told you that! The actual good-but-not surprise is that my obnoxious and incessant sneezing lately is cause by ragweed, plain ol’ grass, and the willow trees in my backyard. And I got confirmation that I truly am allergic to my day job–that office is saturated with decades of dust!! Ugh. There’s no cure. But at least I’m not terminally I’ll as my sneezing would suggest. 🙌🏻☁️🤧🙇🏼‍♀️


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