Upcycled Chalk Paint Mason Jar

upcycled chalk paint mason jar tutorial

Since moving into my new & bigger studio, I am happy to have a lot more space to work with. In between photoshoots, editing marathons, and home-cooked meals, I’ve occasionally got time to do a quick task or two from my current DIY projects to keep my creative mind rolling.  Since the move to the larger space, I felt that my studio lacked in the decor department. Of course, there are tons of gorgeous art pieces on the walls, and a few heirloom albums and samples on the tables, but I really wanted to make the studio seem a little more homey and pretty. A lace doily with a mason jar filled with flowers seemed just right!

Today’s project: Upcycled Chalk Paint Mason Jar

These recycled mason jars were a gift from a previous wedding client of mine, and though i’m sure the bride & groom got to enjoy their soup for a meal, I will be sure to enjoy using these jars as studio home decor for years to come. Hopefully so will my clients.  There are many different types of mason jars, each have their own design, but I’m a fan of these simplistic one-sided-design treasures. Want to make one (or more) of your own? Keep reading.. 🙂


  • Mason Jar(s)
  • Acrylic or Chalk Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Lint-Free cloth
  • Soap & Water
  • Latex or Plastic Gloves
  • 100 grit Sand Paper and/or emery board
  • finishing spray
  • optional: tall candle-stick/holder for mess-free drying
  • optional: Goo-Gone (for those stubborn labels)

DIY Instructions

1. Start by peeling all the labels off your mason jar, and let your jar soak in lukewarm water for at least 10 minutes. The longer it soaks, the easier to remove the label. I usually let them soak overnight and the labels just slide off (most of the time). Otherwise, this is when the Goo-Gone comes in handy.

2. Once your label has been removed, wash your jar with soap & water. Once completely dried, give your jar a quick wipe with the rubbing alcohol and the lint-free cloth. Let it dry for at least an hour so it is 100% clean and dry.


3. Now that your jar is ready, use your gloves to handle it to make sure that no oils get onto the “sterilized” jar.  Grab your choice of paint, and paint on a thin, even coat of paint. I usually save the rim for last so I don’t get paint all over my fingers. Then once settled upside-down on the candle-stick, I hold it secure by pushing down the bottom while I paint the rim, and then the last step is to paint the bottom of the jar.

4. Let the paint dry completely, about 1-2 hours. Then, paint on a second coat. Let dry for at least 24 hours.

5. Once your jar is painted and completely dry, take the sandpaper and gently sand the paint off of any beveled/embossed designs on the jar. For smaller design components, use an emery board (nail file) to avoid sanding off part of the flat jar portions.

6. Give your jar a wipe with a DRY cloth to remove all the paint dust. Then apply a thin layer of finishing spray.

7. Let the spray dry completely and voila! Your lovely chic dreamy beachy upcycled mason jar is complete. Style as you wish within your decor. Simple is best.

See mine on display at the studio!

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