Happy 1st Birthday Little Miss!

There are so many emotions attached to that statement, which I have left for another post (all about my first year of motherhood) so this one can be all about Little Miss and her birthday celebrations. She welcomed her best buds over to play while the mamas caught up on things, she thouroughly enjoyed opening her gifts, and by golly did she ever stuff her face!

Let’s get this party started!

Not gonna lie, I legit bought all of the decorations the day before the party and completely changed the theme mid-way through my shopping trip because of cupcake liners I found (black and white vintage floral). I had planned on doing all white everything, so adding a bit of black here and there was easy because I had some scrap ribbon in my craft hoard, and a few balloons go a long way. The majority of the decor was either reused, reusable, or recyclable, with the exception of the balloons (had I found paper ones, I would have gotten those instead!), and we spent less than $20. Matched our wardrobe to the decor to make the whole thing come together quite nicely. And as much as I intended on getting all the photos captured before people got into things, life happened and the mid-party is what got photographed (with my cellphone, ugh). The thing is, the clutter and chaos IS what the party was, in a good way, so I am glad. BUT next time I will definately pull out my good camera for at least the family photo, and not just the cake smashing (scroll down for that awesomeness!).

A cake smash for the allergy baby

A cake smash for the allergic-to-everything household is a baby-friendly banana muffin without any icing (was going to use cold coconut cream but ran out of time), but I am confident that this is one of her top 3 foods at the moment and she loved it. We simply adjusted the decor to fit the minimalist feel, and if I do say so myself, it looks pretty darn good!

In hindsight, I wish I had taken the time to remove the stickers and straps from the highchair because she was being watched, but she’s a wiggler so it would have been an extra hassle before diner. Oh well! Real-life wins over pinterest-perfect.

Until next time!

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