Getting Ready For Baby

When it comes to choosing to be parents, you’d think you’d have more time and focus when it comes to getting ready for baby to arrive. Nope. You let time pass by thinking you have so much left, and then it hits you that you’re over 30 weeks in, and have less than 3 months to go to get everything done!

The good news is, that no matter the reason, I am always a super-in-advance planner for dates and such so our baby shower went off without a hitch last month. Actually that’s a huge lie (mostly cause I forgot!). There was a death in the family a few days before, and the funeral happened to be at the same time, in a different province, which meant that most of my family missed it. BUT since they were all planning on being in town anyways, I convinced them all to do a family dinner the night before so that they could head out to funeral while I enjoyed my shower with my friends and my husband’s guests. Happy outcome in my mind! (hence why I forgot)

But the house. OMG! We’ve finally painted the nursery, and almost emptied out the craft supplies (no more craft room for me!). So that means we now have a change-table and a crib–that’s enough to start, right? Too bad the crib is still in pieces in the box… Yikes! Next up, getting all the baby supplies put away–not in storage–where they will be accessible once the little one does arrive. Easier said than done my friends! And a car seat. Cannot forget the car seat! And all the other things, ugh… feel free to help, ha ha, #kiddingnotkidding

Anyways, onto the next adventure before baby arrives.
Perhaps a weekend getaway–any suggestions?


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